Wandler-ing Minds Projects

Wandler-ing MInds, LLC offers electrical engineering consulting services, as well as new product development, and strives to create new products using current technologies.

Wandler-ing Minds, LLC is located in Fargo, ND, and currently provides support and experience for local and national companies.

Arduino Control:

Using an Arduino R3 board to sense from instruments and send data wirelessly to a receiving system.  Finished design used a stand-alone ATMEL AT328 to reduce size.
arduino R3 and at328


Design and build a PCB for a wearable sensing system using a stand-alone AT328 to collect biological information from attached body systems, converting to efficient data, and sending wirelessly to a receiving system. 

wearable system

3D Printed Control Box:

Designed and printed an enclosure for providing variable controls for an extermal servo and sensing system - potentiometers and switches and control buttons connected internally to a microprocessor and attached via several control cables to sensors and drive devices.

control box

Labview Programming:

Designing a Labview program to collect data, manipulate the data internally and then display and save the data for later processing.  Labview control of attached devices.


Arduino Nano Control Board:

Design, layout, and contstuction of a PCB with an attached Arduino Nano for sensing and control of external servos and motors

nano pcb