Welcome to Wandler-ing Minds, LLC

Wandler-ing MInds, LLC, founded in 2006, offers electrical engineering consulting services, as well as new product development, and strives to create new products using current technologies.

Wandler-ing Minds, LLC is located in Fargo, ND, and currently provides support and experience for local and national companies.

Wandler-ing Minds, LLC earned years of experience in the engineering field working as as a technician, design engineer and a test engineer, as well as teaching engineering at the university level.

Wandler-ing MInds, LLC offers many different services, including complete electrical engineering designs, product testing, manufacturing, and quality control on both high level and component level reviews.

Electrical Hardware:  power and control systems for motors, servos, solenoids, etc

Data Collection and Control:  filtering, amplification, impedance matching, electronic sensor selection and matching, analog and digial devices

Microcontrollers:  Arduino ATMEL, Microchip, MSP430/MSP432 designs

PCB Layout:  schematic design and printed circuit board layout, experienced trace management, EMC experience

3D Design:  Solidworks designs for 3D printing and machining

Labview:  write Labview programs for data collection, analysis, and control

Matlab:  use Matlab software for data analysis and implementation

Wandler-ing Minds, LLC specializes in project delivery for small or large scale projects and implemenations as a  "one-stop shop" for complete customer assistance in all phases of the design -- from design ideas, to electrical and computer itegration, to 3D design and printing, and followup analysis.


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For information please contact info@wandlering-minds.com